Ella Masterson

Pronouns: She/her

Heritage: Earthen

Domain: Heliotropic

Affinity: Heart Adept

An energetic girl who dreams of being a hero like in the anime she grew up with, and in pursuit of that becomes a Fixer's apprentice. She tends to view the world through the lens of story tropes and cliché, which leads to her sometimes coming across as more observant than she is. She has a strange immunity to the Gemini Artifact's influence, a rare blessing of Defiant magic that will lead her toward an even greater story. She's probably in over her head.


Pronouns: He/him

Heritage: ???

Domain: ??? (something weather related?)

Affinity: Heart Adept


Middlesex County's town Fixer, a mysterious and irritable wizard with an even more mysterious past. Although known for being a bit antisocial and standoffish with the locals, he takes Ella under his wing for reasons tied to the recent release of the Gemini Artifacts on southern Ontario. Also, maybe he just has a soft spot for kids.

Zachary "Zach" Wednesday

Pronouns: He/him

Heritage: Ticktorian/Starric

Domain: Connection (Technological)

Affinity: Spirit Adept


A recluse but friendly young man who lives with Denji at the fixing Bureau. His father disappeared several years ago, so as a family friend Denji took him in. Due to growing up on a space station, he's adverse to the unregulated outdoors of Earth, and has some degree of anxiety about leaving his home. Despite this, he's befriended Ella and uses his technologically oriented magic to follow on Fixing jobs by jumping into Ella's phone.


Pronouns: She/her and they/them

Heritage: Fairy

Specialty: Lies and truth


A fairy cat who shares goals with Denji, and thus acts as his familiar. Her smug personality can be off-putting, but she'll do anything for some creamy cheese. Her scarf acts as arms, and she can control its movements.

Solstice "Soul" Wednesday

Pronouns: She/her or he/him, depending on presentation. They/them is fine too.

Heritage: Ticktorian

Domain: Vitality

Affinity: Spirit Adept


An old friend of Denji's and the sibling to Zach's missing father, making her his aunt. Either charismatic and skilled or controlling and an overachiever, depending on who you talk to. She wasn't really in a position to take in a kid when Zach's father vanished, so Denji did it instead. Well known as a host on a well-liked national radio show in Canada, but also does more scientific work as a magical researcher. Probably not a mad scientist. Soul seems to hold the same sort of Defiant magic as Ella, but…

Crim Silvernight

Pronouns: He/him and they/them

Heritage: Skylian

Domain: Rumormonger

Affinity: Mind Adept


Your friendly neighborhood bird boy who knows all your deep dark secrets. Crim goes to the same school as Ella, but is a grade above her. Originally hailing from Quebec, he seems to have some sort of magic that lets him know rumors and things that have happened in London. It's for this reason Soul took him on as an apprentice, mostly to spy on Denji. Laid back but surprisingly thrill-seeking, Crim is also probably also completely in over his head.


Pronouns: He/him, but would accept any pronoun

Heritage: Golem

Domain: N/A

Affinity: N/A


Soul's familiar, a loyal Golem with a love of cute romance stories. Not quite a person, more like a magical robot, but still very friendly. Perhaps too friendly, even. There is an illusion over him making him look vaguely human, but he's really an animated stone statue. He holds some connection to the origin of Soul and Ella's Defiant magic…


Pronouns: He/him

Heritage: Ticktorian/Starric

Domain: Connection (Spacial)

Affinity: Spirit Adept


A young man who bears a striking resemblance to Zach, and has very recently unleashed an ancient evil on Southern Ontario in the form of the Gemini Artifacts. Oops! He is definitely possessed by Gemini's power now, but what kind of person was he before that? He also keeps saying something about saving the world and is accompanied by his familiar, a magpie. He's kind of bad at talking to girls, though.


Pronouns: They/them

Heritage: Earthen, but like, a bird

Domain: Shadows

Affinity: Mind Adept


Ary's familiar, a magpie aptly named Magpie. They can't talk to anyone but Ary, but seem to hold some connection to the Gemini Artifacts. They feel responsible for Ary, and care deeply for him as a friend, but can't seem to stop being dragged into his poor decisions. Magpie can't speak human, so as Ary's familiar only he can understand them.

Gemini Corvus

Pronouns: They/them

Heritage: ???

Domain: Psyche

Affinity: Mind Adept


An exceedingly powerful wizard who infamously almost conquered the Grand Narrative with magic that allowed them to control the thoughts of others almost a hundred years ago. They were thwarted by a young woman wielding Defiant magic and her friends, the Hideout Guild, who sealed Gemini and their power away. Gemini shattered their Will into the Gemini Artifacts, in hopes one day someone would unseal them in search of their vast magic and gather those Artifacts, resurrecting them in the process.