About Erynn Q

Erynn Q is a nonbinary author from London, Ontario who doesn’t give a hoot about what pronoun you use because they are what he is even if you call them a she. Like the Norse goddess Freyja their chariot is drawn by two monochrome coloured cats, except instead of a chariot it’s bright red sectional couch, and instead of pulling it the cats merely keep them company on it. Also, there are three cats, and this metaphor fell apart somewhere.

Fueled by absurd amounts of coffee, Erynn attempts to write fantasy and sci-fi stories with themes that grabbed their attention as a child. Most of their early influences can be broadly traced back to Magical Girl anime, Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii, and the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. They are well aware these are the least credible influences a writer could possibly have.

Also, they were the god of a cult in high school. That happened.